Monday, July 26, 2010

Prelude to reincarnation

I started blogging in 2000, long before a lot of people found out what blogs were. Even I wasn't too sure what it meant then but that didn't stop me from writing.

I used to blog obsessively. I wrote about everything, even things I probably shouldn't have written about. I would write blog posts in my head as things were still unfolding and I didn't think it was unhealthy - at least until 2007.

In 2007, I stopped blogging. I'd post occasional entries, mostly half-hearted, mostly apologies for not blogging. At that point in my life, I needed to save me for me, I needed to keep things to myself. And while I'm sorry I lost my readers, I still know it was the right decision.

In 2008, I created a new blog and made lame atttempts to start blogging again. I failed.

In 2009, I made two other blogs - one about cupakes and one about nail polish. The cupcake one is updated when my business partners threaten to whip me with butter-covered spatulas. The nail polish one is updated fairly often. Blogging is easy when all you talk about are nails.

This was a long time coming but it's 2010 and today, I finally killed my old blog. My archives are still safe somewhere, they're just not where they used to be.

This isn't the end though. This is the beginning. The nocturnal angel is about to be reincarnated.


  1. Wow thats really cool!!!! Im actually new at blogging, I thought it would be a fun thing to do. Im only 14 so you probably wouldnt be interested in my blog, but do you think you could check it out? It would be great if you could give some suggestions!! I will definately be a regular follower!!
    Thanks so much =)

  2. "Blogging is easy when all you talk about is nails. "


  3. we also hid our blogs somewhere pam - me and pearl.sometimes we do need to secure the past memories. - xxirynxx

  4. Wow, this blog entry made me inspired I am going through some tough moments but your blog entry gave me hope.

  5. Hi Pam

    I agree. I used to log in to livejournal and my other blogs back in the days, catch up on blog posts of those who I follow and those who follow me. Now, I lost it and I want to get back into writing but that'll mean I'd have to turn the ignition to so many things. I have also stopped reading books as much as I did, didn't care about the news on the dailybroadsheets until one day I just stopped.

    I regret it and it was a 5 years trasition.

    Anyway glad you wrote back again :) but youve always been a writer, pam!

  6. i wish i'd kept the first ever blog i started. believe it or not, i began in the year 2000, too!!! bebeh! cray shit. i was 11. god knows what 11 year olds have to say on a blog. on second thought, i guess i'm glad that blog's dead & long gone! haha